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More Possibilities In Digital Printing, Part 2

Welcome back!  This is Part 2 in our ongoing series exploring many of the lesser-used options in print-based marketing.  (You can find Part 1 here.) Digital printing has revolutionized print marketing in many ways, as well as re-energizing some older forms of advertisements which had previously been seen as passe‘ thanks to the outdated technologies […]

Top Graphic Design Trends of 2015

Is your graphic design style with the times? Trends in advertising and design are changing even more quickly than ever before, “thanks” to the digital revolution and the rapid spread of new design paradigms across the world.  Everyone is fighting to stand out on store shelves and in mailboxes, which means there’s a near-constant evolution […]

More Possibilities In Digital Printing, Part 1

It’s easy to neglect real-world advertising and outreach when there are so many new and trendy ways of engaging in e-marketing.  However, while electronic media have gotten all the press, digital printing services have been continuing to get ever-better. Digital printing now offers numerous new options for getting your message out, and physical media is still […]

When Marketing Locally, Direct Mail Simply Works

Direct mail might seem like last century’s marketing, but it’s not! Despite all the advances in digital advertising in the previous decades, good old direct mail is still one of the single most effective and cost-effective marketing options available for local outreach.  Physical mail never went away, and it’s still one of the most-used communications methods in […]

Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaigns, But Don’t Be Too Personal

  One of the most contentious issues in marketing today is the issue of privacy, especially in regards to data-gathering.  A recent Pew Poll showed significant across-the-board concerns about the amount of private information that’s getting into the hands of business, and this is undoubtedly affecting customers’ attitudes towards the companies they deal with.

Direct Marketing Tips on Writing Sensational Copy

In virtually any direct marketing materials, the written copy itself is the bedrock upon which everything else rests.  While it’s nice to have eye-catching graphics, charts, photographs, or other embellishment, the copy is what’s going to truly determine whether your marketing materials are effective. So today, let’s get back to the basics:  How to write […]