Direct Mail Outperforms All Digital Channels Combined in 2015

The results are in, and they confirm what we’ve known all along.  Direct mail is still a highly competitive option in outreach, with some of the lowest prices and highest response rates of any marketing method.

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Postcards Are Still One Of The Most Cost-Effective Methods Of Outreach

There are so many different ways of reaching out to customers these days that it’s hard to even settle on which methods to use.  Plus, the rush of technology means there’s always potential to deploy thelatest-and-greatest gimmicks to grab people’s attention.

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Digital And Print Go Together Hand-In-Hand

These days, the choice shouldn’t be digital OR print in small business marketing.  If you have any offline presence at all, some of the most effective advertisements are printed materials with rich digital integration.

It’s the best of both worlds.  Printed advertising has strong return rates, including youth, as well as being more engaging than purely digital ads.  However, print can still be tied into your digital strategies as well as inviting further direct participation from the recipient.

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How to Stand Out in the Mailbox with Direct Mail

Direct mail is still one of the most popular, affordable, and effective forms of marketing available… but you need to catch people’s attention quickly.  44% of direct mail is never opened, and most of that boils down to a failure of presentation.

When consumers are time-pressed, your direct mail needs to immediately grab their attention and become the first thing they open.

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Direct Mail Services Are Centuries Old… And Still Relevant!

There’s a very common misconception about the history of advertising, and that’s the idea Arron Montgomery Ward started the direct-mail catalog.  While Ward was a pioneer, he was far from the first.

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Even In A Digital Age, Retro Media Still Works!

Don’t listen to the technocrats!  Printed media and direct mail are still great marketing techniques, and modern digital printing processes make them better than ever.


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Millennials In Direct Mail Marketing!

Young adults are tied to their digital devices and impossible to reach any other way, right?  No!  It’s counter-intuitive, but recent research has indicated that youth are among the most responsive to direct mail marketing campaigns!

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Leveraging Behavioral Science In Your Direct Mail Services

Nevermind the naysayers claiming that direct mail services are dying!  In many ways, direct mail is healthier than ever.  A variety of studies have been conducted lately into constructing better direct mail packaging that encourages response, and it’s allowing marketers to get ever-increasing response rates.

Direct mail already has a far higher response rate than email, at roughly 3.4% versus email’s .12% rate.  Plus, as spam filters and inbox personalization continue to segment people’s email boxes, the fight to be seen at all is becoming a tough battle.

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Direct Mail Postcards Are Cost Effective!

If you’re looking for the cheapest and easiest way to get your message out to a wide segment of the public, especially a segment based on local geography, there’s often no better option than standard direct mail postcards.  When ordered in bulk, each only costs a few cents -or less- to print and mail, making them the most cost-effective option for mass terrestrial messaging.

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How to Purchase the Right Direct Mail List

Do you need to purchase a mailing list from direct mail services to make your next mail effort a success?

It’s a complicated question.  In years past, there was no question, but these days people are a lot more protective of their personal information and less likely to respond to “cold” advertisements than ever before.  Direct mail campaigns are still a great way to reach people, you just have to be a bit more savvy about how you go about it.

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